We love our plants, so we give them the *kiss of life* when they somehow get dehydrated or develop root rot (yes, even we can't keep our plants perfectly happy and growing all the time). So, if your beloved Hoya isn't looking or acting quite like themselves, try these simple steps.





Remove your Hoya from its pot and remove as much soil as possible. 


Some root breakage is okay, but try to preserve the main roots.






Rinse your Hoya in room temperature water.


Gently remove more soil from the roots.





Use sterilized sheers to trim off dead and damaged roots - Don't worry, your Hoya can take it!


After trimming the roots, rinse again under room temperature water to remove more soil. 




Place cuttings in vases with room temperature water. Make sure the roots are submerged but leaves kept dry. Place vases in a sunny spot.


Change the water every 3 days and rinse the roots often to remove lingering soil. When there is at least 1/2 inch of new root growth, repot the plant. 


Take a look at how wrinkly this Hoya carnosa 'Compacta" is on Day One versus Day Two (in the Step Four photo). The difference after just one day is amazing!



P.S. Try this method with other types of houseplants! It's great for those tricky ones you can't seem to get back on track. 


General steps for how to save your dying plants:

1. Remove plant from pot and remove as much soil as possible. 

2. Rinse roots in water.

3. Trim off damaged roots.

4. Place cutting in fresh water and put in a sunny spot until you see new root growth.