Hoya heuschkeliana 'Variegata'

Say hello to a Twig favorite, the Hoya heuschkeliana 'Variegata', (pronounced "hush-kay-lee-ana").

While this plant may be a mouthful to pronounce, it is easy to care for. This pet friendly, low maintenance houseplant has creamy variegation that blushes when given bright light. It is native to the Philippines and thus does well in tropical conditions - bright indirect light, warm temperatures, and moderate to high humidity. The brightness of the light affects the coloration on the leaves.

Hoya heuschkeliana variegata

How to care for the Hoya heuschkeliana 'Variegata' plant:

Lighting: Needs a well draining soil, bright indirect light - a few feet away from a south or west facing window, or right in an east facing window. Too much light and the leaves will scorch.

Water: Wait to water until at least two inches of the top soil is dry. This plant does not tolerate overwatering. Gently squeeze the edges of a mature leaf like a taco. If it gives easily and the soil is dry, the plant needs to be watered. If it is very firm, it does not need to be watered yet. If the leaf gives easily but the soil is moist, check for root rot.

Fun Fact:

When sun-stressed, the leaves will produce shades of pink and red. Talk about blushing in the spotlight!


You can buy one of these rare plants from Twig as a potted plant, or for extra credit, try growing your own Hoya heuschkeliana 'Variegata' from a plant cutting.

For tips on propagating plants from cuttings, check out our tutorial here.