The String of Hearts

Ceropegia woodii
We just LOVE the String of Hearts plant. This is a pet-friendly, easy-to-care-for plant with heart-shaped leaves. It sprouts small, purple flowers generally from August through Fall, but with the right TLC, can bloom all year round.
For those who want to see the fruit of their planty labor, she’s whimsical and grows surprisingly fast. The perfect plant to dress up your window hanging. You’ll impress your friends and neighbors.
String of Hearts plant
How to Care for the String of Hearts Plant:
Lighting: Needs a well draining soil, bright indirect light - a few feet away from a south or west facing window, or right in an east facing window. Too much light and the leaves will scorch.
Water: Wait to water until at least two inches of the top soil is dry. The leaves hold water in them, so if they begin to wilt or feel less firm, the plant is thirsty. The leaves will turn yellow and begin to drop if the plant is getting too much water.
Fun Fact:
If you take a cutting, or an overly curious pet chews off a chunk, two more stems will sprout from where you cut, making your original plant grow even more full.
Variegated string of hearts
For an even more fun and colorful version of this plant, check out the Variegated String of Hearts.
The juicy heart shaped leaves are a lovely shade of pink, which get brighter with more light.