Meet the Twiglings

Behind every older sister is a younger sister, who mom and dad let get away with a lot more, like watching R-rated movies and getting her belly-button pierced until eventually all of this excitement and creativity led her to start stuff like a houseplant shop. Okay, maybe that isn’t the case for every pair of sisters, but it’s what happened with us.

Our Founders

Sisters make the best friends… and founders

Caroline was in school for landscape architecture, but all she wanted to do was take care of her houseplants. After missing class for the third time to water her plants, she realized maybe it was time to drop out of school and turn her passion into her career instead.

A year in, Caroline still only wanted to take care of houseplants. But businesses have other demands. So, her big sister Katherine, a serial entrepreneur with an MBA, joined her to help take on those pesky distractions such as paying bills, filing taxes and making sure the business didn’t collapse!

Caroline Osborn CEO, Founder & Experienced Plant Parent

Katherine Firestone COO & Plant Newb

Our Mission

Follow your planty passion.

Plants spark joy (and we can help you keep them happy and healthy.)


With Twig, you’ll…

Experience Plant Wellness

Live your best life, and so will your plants. We practice Plants First, providing care in our nursery, safe journeys to their new homes, and ongoing plant parenthood support.

Play with Plants

Learn about plant care at your own pace. Find satisfaction rehabilitating a sad plant and watching a new leaf unfurl. Discover solutions to common plant parenthood annoyances. Be a part of our houseplant community with memes, tips and lots of plants!

Still want more plants?