Hoya 'Sunrise' Cutting

The Hoya 'Sunrise' is a super fun plant. Its leaves can be sun stressed to bring out hues of reds, purples, and oranges. It is a cross between Hoya lacunosa (pallidiflora) and Hoya obscura.

Cutting will have at least one leaf and one node.

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Bright indirect light

Acclimate your plant to brighter light slowly in order to achieve sun stress without burns


Does not tolerate overwatering

Stick your finger in the soil. If the soil is dry two inches down, water thoroughly. If still moist, check again the next day

Tip: Gently squeeze the edges of a mature leaf life a taco. If it gives easily and the soil is dry, the plant needs to be watered. If it is very firm, it does not need to be watered just yet. *If the leaf gives easily but the soil is moist, check for root rot*


Well draining
Mix Suggestion:
1 Part Potting Soil | 1 Party Perlite | 1 Part Orchid Bark

Propagation tip:
Roots well in moist sphagnum moss