Philodendron 'Pink Princess' Cutting

Before I had one, I didn’t believe all the hype. After caring for one of my own pink princesses, however, I did a complete one-eighty. These philo plants help me wake up in the morning because I’m so excited to check for any new growth. Each leaf is unique and you never know how much pink you’ll get!

Propagates very well in water and sphagnum moss. If transferring to soil, sphagnum moss propagation creates a smoother transition. If transferring to LECA, water propagation works excellently.

This is a plant cutting for propagation, not a potted plant. Cuttings will have at least one leaf and one node.

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Bright indirect light helps encourage new leaves to have more pink variegation

Tolerates lower light


Stick your finger in the soil and if the top two inches are dry, you can water it. If not, wait and check it the next day.

When it is ready to be watered, make sure the water drains well.


Well draining
Mix suggestion:
2 Parts Potting Soil | 1 Part Orchid Bark | 1 Part Perlite

Thrives in LECA